Get Connected

There are several different ways to get connected at OPC!


Connect with the OPC members, and make new friends by sharing your skills.  Volunteers serve in many capacities and are an integral part of that goal to provide outstanding service.  Click for more information.


The OPC monthly newsletter is the go-to location for programs, services and other news pertaining to everything that is happening during the current month and beyond. Sign up to have it mailed to your household, view it on-line or purchase a newsletter from the cashier’s desk.  Click for our current newsletter.


When you become a member, you will automatically receive  a weekly email update to keep you current on all the new and exciting programs and activities we offer, as well as any building closures or other important information.  If you are not part of the mailing list, contact Michele Burns at

Vintage Views:

The Vintage Views is a quarterly newspaper of human interest topics, informational articles, and poetry written by individuals 50+.  It is published by the Vintage Views Committee members.  Click for their current publications.

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